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There are many ways to help your trees grow healthy, and hiring a tree expert is a great way to start. With the help of a true professional, you can make sure your trees are in great condition throughout the year. Serving clients in Richland Hills, TX and the surrounding areas, we are a team of qualified tree care specialists who can offer you viable solutions for all your needs. With AB Tree Service, you will receive outstanding services.

Our Services

We offer professional tree removal, trimming, and stump grinding services to our customers. With us, you can easily keep your trees stronger and healthier. Additionally, we specialize in providing excellent shrub trimming services. No job can challenge our crew. Read more about our services!

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What Do We Do?

To provide outstanding tree trimming & removal services, we always invest in purchasing new equipment and modern gear that allow our experts to perform their work with ease, and in the most timely manner possible. Before we start working, we usually consult with our clients and make sure to address any problems they might be experiencing with their shrubs or trees. Contact us today! We will ensure your satisfaction.

What Are the Benefits of Choosing Us?

Insured and working at reasonable rates, AB Tree Service has been in business since 2016, providing viable solutions to all its customers. We aim to provide a service that epitomizes every modern standard and will match your unique requirements. Whether you are looking for a tree specialist or you need shrub trimming services, we are here for you.

If you have a property in Richland Hills, TX that needs a professional tree service, we are the ideal choice for you. Call us today to learn more!

Client’s Testimonial


We live in a 1962 built home and our trees in our neighborhood are very large and beautiful. we have not had tree service since before the year 2012. I was looking for a REPUTABLE, HONEST, ETHICAL, REASONABLY PRICED TREE SERVICE COMPANY that had the right equipment to do some heavy duty large tree trimming, and multiple baby trees that have taken over my garden area in the front of my home. they were so overgrown some were 4, 5, and 6 feet tall.  it was important to me to have a company that had haul off service and or tree limb grinder. i knew if they did the job right there would be way too much debris that needed to be hauled off or chipped. we even had several overgrown trees not part of the landscape tha they did stump grinding on. I was having my roof redone and the trees were overhanging on my roof as well as the neighbors driveway and the street. we desperately needed a professional that knew what he was doing. After looking on the BBB as well as nextdoor neighborhood, yelp and google reviews I decided on THE BBB RECOMMENDATION OF AB Tree Service and I'm glad that I did. Abraham the owner came out, gave me an estimate and explained what needed to be done and how the large beautiful oaks and red oaks needed to be trimmed so as not to harm the trees with the extensive work that needed to be done.  his crew showed up on time on the day we agreed upon, (they are busy so you might have to wait a week or so, but that just speaks to how good he is and how in demand he is). After meeting with Abraham the owner,  my anxiety and fears of finding an honorable and trustworthy and ethical tree service were all but gone. Abraham has proven that he is a man of his word, he has proven that he knows trees and landscaping and we are completely satisfied. We are discussing having Abraham come back out and work on the flower beds that are in terrible shape and need digging out all the dead leaves and putting in mulch to protect the bushes. He quoted us a price for the flower beds that is unbelievably reasonable. The price for the tree trimming was very affordable considering how much work had to be done.  Abraham had two foremen on my job and they were very nice and polite and worked with me throughout the process. The crew missed a couple of big items but after pointing it out to them they were more than kind and helpful and did what was originally agreed upon. there was so much work to be done i made sure i was home and when it looked like they were finished in a particular area, I would go outside and make sure the work we agreed upon was done properly. so we had a couple of areas that needed their attention, but they were polite, helpful, kind about me going out there and pointing out things. I'm very particular and very detail oriented, Abrahams team did a great job. and they were easy to work with. Abraham came back to discuss what they did and if the team had trimmed one of the trees enough, and he said yes and I was very happy with them, I promptly paid him. The team was very careful about picking up all the debris as well. we can actually see the sun on parts of our lawn. we might have to  have him out to make sure all the lawn gets enough sun but other than that we are very happy and would hire AB Tree Service (Abraham) again and again. I recommend him to anyone, especially people that are detail oriented and want a person that is knowledgeable about lawns, gardens, small trees and very large trees. AB TREE SERVICE IS GREAT! PRICES ARE VERY REASONABLE.

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