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Excellent Tree Removal & Trimming Services for All Your Needs

AB Tree Service is a company that provides viable solutions to all its clients. Based in Richland Hills, TX, we offer a variety of tree care services, and here you can find additional information about what we do. Read on to learn more!

Tree Trimming

We specialize in providing professional tree pruning & trimming services to our clients. Our specialists can cut trees of any size and will do so in a timely and efficient manner. Both pruning & trimming are essential for the proper growth and well-being of your trees, and our professionals know exactly how to go about performing these tasks. They will clear your trees from overgrown branches and deadwood and will help them develop properly.

tree service

Tree Service

Tree Removal

AB Tree Service also specializes in providing tree removal services for trees of any type and size. We will handle any such job as safely as possible, ensuring every necessary precaution is taken to avoid any possible accidents or even property damage. Count on us to remove any tree in the safest and most timely manner possible!

Stump Grinding

Additionally, we do professional stump removal work for the needs of our clients. Our crew can help you remove any stump in your property, regardless of its size or location. With our stump grinding service, you can remove several stumps in one day. Just call us and let us manage the rest!

Shrub Trimming

Moreover, we provide trimming services for the shrubs our clients grow in their outdoor area. We first cut away the overgrown branches that are the thickest and then use the hedge trimmer to cut away smaller ones. We also cut some of the shrub limbs, as well as the damaged and diseased branch segments. Once we are ready, your shrubs will be a sight to behold.

Insured, working at reasonable rates, in business since 2016, and located in Richland Hills, TX, we are the specialists who will help you with all the needs of your tress. Our specialists aim for perfection in each aspect of their work and will impress you with the quality they achieve. Make sure you are hiring the right company, and call us at (817) 386-8074 to ask us anything regarding our terms!

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