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Grinding Stumps With This Tree Specialist

Do you have stumps in your yard that you don’t want to keep anymore? Because of how inconvenient and annoying they can get, you decide to just have them removed. But the more you realize it, the more dangerous they seem to get. Don’t wait until something bad happens. Have a tree specialist such as AB Tree Service grind the stumps for you. We will rid our clients in Richland Hills, TX of the stumps on their properties.

Why Grind Stumps?

Stumps can be annoying because of how unpleasant they look in your beautiful landscape. But they aren’t just causing inconvenience—they can actually be dangerous if you don’t have them removed. For instance, if you are mowing the lawn and you don’t notice that the stump is there, there is a big chance that you will accidentally bump into it. This could cause major machine damage to your lawn mower. If you don’t want this to happen, you should definitely consider hiring a tree specialist to grind these stumps for good.

We Grind Dangerous Stumps!

Through our stump grinding service, we grind the stumps that are causing all kinds of problems and inconvenience for you. We will first check which stumps need immediate attention, making sure that we immediately move stumps that are too close to your house or are showing signs of decay. Once we have chosen which one to grind first, we will wear safety gear and prepare the stump grinder that we will provide ourselves. We will angle the machine and proceed to grind the stump until it is small enough to be covered with soil.

AB Tree Service is a tree specialist that can grind the stumps on your property. Want to be rid of the stumps scattered all over your backyard in Richland Hills, TX? We’ll grind them for you if you contact us at (817) 386-8074 right away!

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